12_drakon (12_drakon) wrote in bad_service,

Student health center

This is an old story, but it still makes me feel bad when I think back. So, I got hit by a car while riding my bike near campus. The driver brought me to the student health center. I hit my knee, my head and scraped my back badly, but nothing was broken. I was in a mild shock.

First, it took people about forty minutes to start doing the paperwork on me. When my husband reminded them I am dizzy and hurt, after we waited patiently for a while, they started right away... apparently, they just forgot, because there were free people and a free room right away when they were reminded. That was a minor suck. Here is the bigger one. I am allergic to penicillin in a bad way. Last time I got a reaction (fever, massive swelling, etc a couple of hours after an injection) the doctor told me that the next time I can get internal swelling and have heart problems or suffocate, and I should really watch it. So, I made sure to tell every nurse and every doctor that I am allergic to penicillin and all its derivatives. I probably repeated it ten or fifteen times. They wrote it all over my paperwork in big red letters. You know where it's going...

A nurse starts pouring some gel onto my back. I asked her, yet again (because I am that paranoid!) if it has any penicillin in it. "Let me read the ingredients. Oh, what do you know - it does! Sorry." Then she proceeds to rub it all off out of my wound, with a cloth. Even though it hurt a lot, I found it somehow funny. My sense of humor is that dark, I guess.

She got it out in time and I was still bleeding a bit, so I did not get a reaction. What if I forgot to ask, or if it were an injection...

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