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Hamburger woes

Background story: I am a college student. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I wake up at 7 to shower, get dressed ad pretty, and get to school from 9 am until 12pm. Before school, I either have a fruit shake or nothing at all. i don't eat heavily at night; my biggest deal of the day is lunch. Not healthy, I know, but when you're on a budget and on the move, it can be hard.

I got out of math early today and decided to hit up the cafeteria before work. Since i was only working a five hour shirt, I wouldn't have time to actually get any food to -eat- until after my shift. That would be eight hours, from waking up till night, without any sort of food. I was hungry. I got a double bacon cheeseburger and a bottle of water.

The lady cashing me out looked down and she laughed. "SOMEONE missed dinner last night. A little early to be eating like that?"

I know it's really minor and maybe shouldn't be posted here but.. I've been trying to loose weight for a while now. Having people tell me I'm eating too much or badly (and all thing conidering, this was NOT the worst way to eat) or commenting on how it's too early or that I SHOULDN'T eat like that upsets me. I almost started crying and just paid and walked away. I ate my lunch in the corner, avoiding peoples eyes.

It just... really upset me. She wasn't mean or anything, just rude. Why would you say that? It was just one hamburger and a bottle of water. It wasn't like I was getting a tray full of food, full of candy bars or soda or anything. I don't like feeling guilty about eating.
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