Kyria Charm (nyquilchild) wrote in bad_service,
Kyria Charm

follow up posting

This is the result post to the last post I made about my bad professor in college. You can read it here. The summary is that it's a class all majors need to take, but it's rarely offered. I need it to graduate. She talks about her kid all class and we don't get anything done, and she quizzes us on stuff she nevered covered and stuff the book never covered. We approached her and she told us "too bad, so sad" essentialy.

Things got out of hand about a week ago. The teacher was by the door and one of the girls came in before class. She was your typical college student type, sweatpants, t-shirt, ponytail. Her t-shirt was some slogan from the march for choice a few years ago in DC. Well the teacher saw the shirt and immediately started ranting about abortions, about how evil they were, about how dangerous and damaging. Needles to say, some of the class got really upset about this. One girl just picked up her things and left, and a guy followed her. The teacher was saying stuff about how they can't take reality and stupid stuff like that. Even the moms in the class (some of them atleast) were bothered by this. She was basically attacking everyone whose had an abortion, calling them evil and murderers and that same old crap.

Now I'm all for freedom of speech and everything that comes with it, but she was taking things to a really bad extreme. She was once again using her class as her own little rant post.

Well after that we'd all had enough of it. The same group of people from last time and I We went to the head of the department to talk to him about what's going on. He was empathic and really nice, and it seemed like he was going to do something about it. We all felt better, and he even told us not to worry about the grade for the first weeks of class. He was really bothered by what she was saying during class about the abortions. I think that's what did it, to be honest.

Next class, the teacher came in and pulled me and three other people aside. She told us that she didn't appreciate us going behind her back and "telling on her" (her words not mine) because it was her class, and she'd do things her way. She said she was close to forcing us to withdraw. Well the class after that, she was gone. Someone was in her place, and he said he'd be taking over the class for the remainder of the semester. We don't know how it happened, but one of the other girls suspect that there was an "undercover" student the day she yelled at us for complaining.

So this story has a great ending! Thank you guys for all of your suggestions. I'm glad this got sorted out and now I don't have to worry about graduating. I'm sorry if this post is hard to read and if there's anything you want clarified, I'll go ahead!
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