Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote in bad_service,

Oh yeah...Mediacom!

In my town, the only cable provider is Mediacom.

Last week we had some crazy weather. We had a decent storm last Tuesday with some heller high winds.

After the storm (I was at work), the husband calls and asks me how to get our cable internet to work. I tell him how to reset the modem and the router. He tells me that it isn't working and the cable tv is jacked up. We don't get half our channels and the ones we do get are fuzzy.

We decide to wait it out and figure that something is just messed up because of the storm. No biggie. Wednesday, I get home from class and things are still messed up. I decide to call. The automated recording tells me there isn't an outage reported in my area.

After a couple of minutes, I get to speak to a CSR. I explain the situation and she tells me she'll put in a work order. (This is partially my fault, I didn't ask when the tech would be coming).

About an hour later, I leave. When my husband got home (around 5) he told me that there was a note on the door from Mediacom. (I'm wowed by how fast they got a tech out that's some good service). The note said that he checked the lines going into our house and they were fine.

However, our cable is still jacked up. We let it go until Friday. Husband calls Mediacom again. The CSR told him the same thing the note said. Despite the tech "checking" the lines, our stuff is still messed up. The CSR tells him the soonest she can have a tech out is this coming Friday. Great.

Yesterday we were finally fed up with it. After the husband gets off work, he goes outside with some extra cable wire and replaces the line going from the splitter into the living room. He goes back inside, turns the tv on. Holy shit. Our cable is in perfect working order. He reset the modem and the router. Holy shit. Our internet works.

I haven't called them yet today to cancel our work order for Friday, but you can bet they are going to get an earful. There is no way in hell that the first tech checked the lines.
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