jarethrake (jarethrake) wrote in bad_service,

Small ancient suck;

When I was about 12 (I'm 19 now) I had a real thing for bubblegum.  One day, in my lunchbreak, I went to the shops nearby to stock up.  I was buying about fifteen packs of bubblegum.

Because the shop was so close to the school, a lot of my classmates were around.  One of them (who I only vaguely knew by sight) reached over me, grabbed one of my packets of bubblegum and then ran out of the shop.  Rather than chase her, I just picked up another packet and added it to the pile.  The shop assistant then added another packet of bubblegum to my total.  When I asked why I was being charged for someone else's shoplifting, she said "you'll have to take that up with her".

I did buy the bubblegum in the end (I was a shy and retiring little pre-teen), and someone eventually forced the girl to give the packet back.   Nowadays, I'd refuse to buy anything; someone else steals something, she sees who it was, and then charges another customer for it? o_O

I also figured out later that she'd charged me too much for each packet of bubblegum - 17p rather than 15p.  Fortunately, she couldn't count, so she'd charged me for less packets than I had anyway; worked out about even.
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