Ronnie (_bane) wrote in bad_service,

Today's bad service comes from... me!

I work as a phone rep for a cellular provider. Local.

I had to call a client back today about some internet deals that she had on her line that she said she hadn't used and wanted to get money back for. I had already discussed this with my manager and she said that there's no room for giving money back for the whole duration that she's had them, as she used both the web surfing and downloading pack. I explained this but the customer still wanted money back.

I THOUGHT I put the customer on hold while I asked my manager again if I can do anything for her. During said conversation I said something along the lines of "Looks like she calls every couple of months to get money back". It was wrong of me whether the customer was on hold or not. Of course, when I picked up the phone again the customer told me that she heard everything and demanded to speak with my manager. As my manager also said some thing she should not have that the customer heard, I'm thinking she might cover it up and I won't get in too much trouble but still, it was horrible horrible service of me.

I'd like to send out my apology to the word and hope it would somehow reach that customer. I am SO SO SO SO sorry. I was frustrated with the whole deal and I know that's not an excuse but still. Hopefully if I don't lose my job over this I can compensate you somehow.
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