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This is not my day

A little backstory: I'm originally from NJ, but I'm in Pittsburgh for college. I'm in the process of getting a new bank account because Bank of America doesn't exist past central PA, apparently.

I have an in class tie-dyeing project coming up and I need supplies. My mom is kind of flaky and has forgotten to transfer some money from her account to mine. Her bank is closed and my bank takes 3 days for an online transfer from a different bank so we decide to use Western Union. She calls me around 7:30 PM to let me know it's done. My roommate (C from now on) and I was walk about a block to the convenience store and ... the door's locked. The lights are on, giant neon "OPEN" sign is still on the posted hours say they close at 10. Okay, C wants some Pita Pit so we decided to check the store on the way back. We sit for about ten minutes and talk to the nice police officers on their break and then head back. This time there's a guy in the store so I pull on the door handle but alas, it's still locked. The guy notices me, walks over but doesn't open the door, just talks to me through the glass:

Me: Hi, are you open? Your sign is still on.
Him: No we're closed. Go now.
Me: Uh, ok. Will you be opening back up? (*Sometime the stores will lock the doors for a couple of minutes to count money and whatnot without being interrupted.*)
Him: No, we're closed. GO NOW!

By this point he's shooting daggers with his eyes so C and I leave. Any other day, I'd leave it alone, but the class I need the materials for is the next day so I have no choice. We go back to the apartment and I find the next closest Western Union agent, Greyhound. Now I'm all excited because it's pretty much a three minute drive away and then I can head to Walmart and Panera (I haven't eaten all day and I didn't have the money for Pita Pit). It's pretty much all downhill from here.

We pull up to the barely adequately labeled Greyhound station, I fill out my form, take out my license for ID and go through that rope maze to get in the line. There are three stations at the desk, but no employee in sight. There are two cameras in the corner and I guess someone in the back sees us standing there because they make an announcement for an associate to report to the desk (K from now on). We wait for K for a minute when another employee, on her way from a sort of mini convenience store in the station to the 'employees only' area, tells us that K is on her break and she'll be out in ten minutes. Um, what? Apparently, you're on your break as you're coming from the snack area with a hot dog, more pork rinds than humanly necessary and a Slurpie cup you could take a bath in and K is somewhere in the back on her break too? What if somebody needs to buy a last minute ticket or needs a refund? In all the customer service jobs I've worked it has never been okay for everybody working to take a break at the same time and leave the front unattended. But, whatever. I've been in the position before where I had to wait way longer than I should have to get my break, so I sympathize. I check the clock, it's 9:26 so C and I sit down and watch TV while we wait.

So, 9:36 rolls around and still no K. I'm getting a little frustrated because Panera closes at 10, it takes about 15 minutes to get there and I hate ordering anything after the last 10 or 20 minutes til closing. I've been in that position and man do I hate that last customer. Around 9:40 two girls come in and get in line for tickets. C and I tell them what the other girl told us but let them know about the cameras and that somebody's obviously watching them. They decide to stand there, hoping their presence will force someone to come out. Yeah, that didn't happen. At exactly 9:57 (yes, I looked) K comes out, huffing puffing and rolling her eyes. She does what I assume is some login stuff on the computer and then just looks at the girls. She stares, they stare, she stares, they stare. This goes on for about 20 seconds before she finally just says, "What?" No "Sorry for the wait" or "How can I help you", just "What?"

The girls look at me because I was there first but sitting down, but I tell them to go. One of them was pregnant and I could tell her feet hurt by the way she was shifting back and forth. So M starts the ticket buying process for the girls and takes FOREVER. Seriously, I have dead pets that have decomposed faster. Sometime around 10:15 she finally gets done with the tickets and calls me up. Then the Western Union transaction from hell starts.

Me:I'm here for Western Union. *Slides form and license across at her.*
K: I need ID.
Me (* Thinking: are you dense? That is ID.*) That is ID.
K: I need state ID.
Me: That is state ID, it's just from New Jersey and not Pennsylvania.
K: *gets bitchy* Wellll, you need a PA ID.
Me: *gets bitchy back* Wellll, I'm not a PA resident.
K: Welll, I can't do this then.
Me:(*At this point I just want to reach over the counter and bitch slap her because I know it doesn't matter what state you're from. Your ID just needs to match the name you wrote on the form and what the sender wrote on their form. Of course, telling somebody how to do their job isn't going to win you any brownie points and bitch slapping is frowned upon anyway, so I go the faux niceness route. Bees, honey, vinegar, you know the saying.*) I'd really appreciate if you could try it anyway, I really need it for school.

She sighs, rolls her eyes and goes over to some hidden cubby space and starts doing her Western Union thing for about five minutes. She come back over to her register, looks at me, sighs again, pushes some buttons to make her till pop out and counts out my money. She gives me the stuff to sign, lays my money on the counter, damn near flings my license at me and just looks at the next person in line. C and I share an annoyed look and leave.

The last thing we heard as we left was the lady who was next in line say, "Excuse me, did you just roll your eyes at me? I want to speak to a manager."

It's not so much the bitchy attitude that bothers me, because I've dealt with bitchy customers before. It's the fact that she had to have known that customers were waiting, because she was paged, and she still had the nerve to be bitchy when she knew she was in the wrong. Even if she had just taken her break right before I walked in, she was still gone for 50 minutes. When is it ever ok to leave the front desk/customer service/whatever unattended for almost an hour?

As we were leaving I saw a couple of buses pulling up. I hope that none of the people that were behind me in line had to get on any of them.
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