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see me down to the edge of the wild

I am obviously having a bad couple of days with hamburgers. C/P'ed from my own LJ.

Dear manager at Burger King on 24th:

Tonight I went to your store's drive-thru at 5:40pm. When I approached the speaker box, I was greeted with "Wait." After complying for a minute, someone asked to take my order. I ordered a double cheeseburger with no pickles, four 4-piece chicken tenders with honey mustard dipping sauce, and a medium diet coke with no ice. After a moment of silence, the person in the store again asked to take my order. I repeated it, and it was not displayed on the screen at the speaker box before the person gave me my total and asked me to come to the window.

At the window, I waited for six minutes behind another vehicle, while nobody appeared to be coming to the window to get them their order. Finally, someone handed them a bag and they left. I approached the window myself.

I then waited two more minutes for someone to come take my payment. The gentleman who did finally show up first attempted to charge me for a kids' meal rather than the food I had ordered, but finally got the right total on my card. He handed me a soda containing ice, and I reminded him that I had requested it without ice and gave it back. Two minutes later, he returned with an ice-free soda that I accepted - only to have the lid come off as he handed it to me and spill on my car's console. He also handed me my bag and my card.

I pulled forward a car length (though there was no one else in the drive-thru lane) to check the contents of my bag, and discovered it was missing one of the orders of chicken tenders. So I drove back around to the window, where the same gentleman argued with me because he seemed to misunderstand that I was missing one of four ORDERS of tenders, not one of four TENDERS. Eventually, he stopped arguing with me and got me the fourth order of tenders.

I just got home (which, for the record, is seven minutes from the restaurant IF I hit every single light on the way home) to discover that while my soda is in fact ice-free, it's also lukewarm, flat, and not diet. My cheeseburger has the pickles that I asked to not have. And my 4-piece tenders? Two of them were actually 3-piece tenders. Plus I never got my honey mustard.

((BK doesn't take email complaints, and I have no printer at home, so I posted my letter to my LJ until I could go to work and print it to mail it to the store.))

My brother and I went to Kidd Valley for lunch today. There's a creepy older guy who's always there working - creepy in the sense that he's loud, overly familiar, and prone to yelling at Ari about whatever dumb thing he thinks Microsoft (where my brother works) is doing today. I'm relatively sure he's the manager of the store, based on previous experience.

I ordered my burger, gave the counter guy my name, and we went and sat down to wait for our food. (You order and pay at the counter, but they bring it out to you when it's cooked.)

The creepy older guy brought mine.

Guy: "I don't want to get smacked, but your name is appropriate." *points at my receipt which has "Ginger" written on it*
Me: Yep, that's why I have it.
Guy: "Because of your hair?" [[As seen in my icon, I have long very-red hair.]]
Me: ".... yes." *trying quite distinctly to not give any indication of wanting to continue conversing with him so he'll go away*
Guy: "But not the hair on your head, right?" *snickers and walks away*

What the FUCK. What the sheer unholy mother-loving FUCK.

Three guesses where I will not be getting my burgers ever again.

Edit: I have emailed the KV corporate email address, and my brother will be doing so as well.

Son of Edit: I got an initial reply from the Kidd Valley HR manager (read here) - my brother got the same letter verbatim. The skeezy guy IS the manager, and the HR manager and the KV Director of Operations are going to go have a meeting with him today and let me know the results of their 'investigation'.
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