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I AM REALLY NOT HAPPY (with the Travelodge)

Tonight I get great news that my bf will fly to see me for 2 weeks in late March and early April. I immediately begin booking hotels and things to do! I research each place carefully or go back to some that I know are reputable places. Each place treated me well and was all to happy to have my business ...EXCEPT FOR ONE or so it appeared. I looked at my confirmation on Travelodge of Pensacola FL. *Scratching head here* "Gee I thought it had a Wet Bar, let me look at the web again" Search search search, yeah it does, but it does not say it on the confirmation and no mention of a Garden Tub. Hmm. Wonder if I got the wrong room by accident says I to myself. I have the confirmation number handy and call the property. I will just check and if I made the wrong room reservation which is possible I can just change it, no big issue I did it for people when I worked at a hotel once.
"kkkkkkkkk kkkkk Travelodge" the desk clerk answers. "Um I can't hear you, you are breaking up" "kkk is this better"? "Well not really but I need to check on the amenities in the room I booked online tonight". "Are you....." "uh yeah" How the heck did she know, am I the only one that books with them, insert fear factor. She tells me when I will be arriving even. Okkkkkkkkk slow night or I am doomed on this 2 night stay. "Well what I want to know is what amenities are offered with the room I booked." Simple question right? Anyone that works or has knowledge of a hotel stay knows this is the most commonly asked question in the business. "I don't know, I never have been in the rooms". WHAT! OMG...no no calm down she may be knew. "Ok can you tell me if it has a Wet Bar and Garden Tub?" "Um no I don't know". OMG! Is there someone I could speak to that would know these things, I really need to know" "Nope, just me, I am the only one here". OFFS! I know that usually after 3 the night person comes on and is alone yes I know I did it once but you know your amenities and before they hire you they show you at least one room just so you will be able to describe the room for potential reservations. They also give you a brochure to tuck in the drawer behind the desk with featured amenities, and go over special request rooms and you HAVE to know this before they let you work alone! Little Miss Dumb Cluck got on the cell phone and talked to someone...here is what I got. "They have coffee makers, a ironing board and umm oh yeah an iron" (Gee ya think, no way, an iron too omg paradise) *rolling eyes* "Do they have the wet bar?" "I don't know" OMG what the hell, you called someone and did not ask what I want to know OMG you are a retard. (not making fun of handicapped ppl here) "Well can you tell me about the Garden Tub" "Oh, *giggle* I dont know". *voice gets shrill here* "I booked this because your featured amenities on the www told me what to expect, when I got my confirmation it was not as promised so I called to be sure. My god, I only am staying here because of the discription, now I don't know if I want to or not" and then the most idiotic I can not believe she had the nerve to ask of all things you never ever ever ask a guest..."would you like to cancel"? I darn near dropped the phone. "I will go over it with my significant other tomorrow and then decide. I may just do that. Oh yeah and by the way you really need to fix your false advertising web sight and if it is not false you need to educate yourself before you ruin the business for your company, thank you and have a nice day! *Click* (Scream....."Assssssshole!"

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