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O ... M .. G!!!

So after both my CD and DVD drives busted physically, we called Hewlette Packard since the computer is shy 1 month of being a year old and thus still covered under warranty. First lady my mom got was pure Spanish, couldn't udnerstand her, and mom got hung up on. Mom caleld BACK and got an English guy. HE transferred mom to a French lady with an accent so thick, she might as well HAVE been speaking French everytime I chatted with her. After two hours making sure it was not something in the software, (Duh, lady, the drive just blinks at you) she said she would have Fed Ex bring a box, package it up, and ship it to HP HQ tomorrow (AKA today) and I would get it back fixed within 6 to 7 business days.

Today we watched a fed Ex truck zoom by the house. Mom chased it down and here's what happened:

We tried the Fed Ex tracking number that Hewlette Packard gave us to track the computer box, then the computer after that fed ex truck told us he had NO deliveries after the 21st. The website said it's invalid.

Mom calls Fed Ex and got this: "Nope, we have no pick ups for you. And that's not a tracking number. Ma'am, we don't box up stuff unless the other company says so. Also, she should have given you TWO working numbers and a date to pick it up."

So, in the end, Hewlette Packard is NOT gettign my computer!! Screw the warranty, I'm hearing too many crazy stories of them wiping the harddrive for no reason what so ever. I will buy the drive MYSELF and fix it. If they come by any time soon, I'm gonna turn them right around, saying NO.

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