Angelik Fiona (sue_chan) wrote in bad_service,
Angelik Fiona

Post Office

Posted this earlier in my own journal, just joined this comm and decided to post this here too!

 I had the most horrible experience of rudeness at the PO today! I had just sold several of my dolls off and so of course, I had to mail them, so I had 5 or 6 humongous and heavy boxes in my arms at the PO waiting in lien forever to get my stuff taken care of, it becomes my turn, so I go up to the desk and the lady tells me I have to fill out some customs forms. I said, Ok!? She told me I had to go over there (She points to a bare wall). I ask her, Over Where? And she points to the wall again! So then I state, "I'm sorry but not all of these need customs forms, most of them are staying within the US, Can't you process my other packages as I fill out these forms?"
No, ma'am, I can not do that, you have to go over there (points at the wall again) and fill out those forms.

So I go to where I BELEIVE she meant to point and look at all these forms, but I'm thinking, OK, So which of these is the customs forms, I find what I THINK is the customs form and I go up to the desk to ask her if they were, "I'm sorry ma'am but you have to go to the end of the line."
WHAT!? I have to go to the end of the line to find out if my forms are the right ones of not, so I go to the end of the line and wait paiently once again, It becomes my turn, so I go up to the counter and ask, Are these the customs forms I need?"
"Yes ma'am, but you have to fill those out over there  (yet again points at the wall).
At this point I'm getting pretty frustrated and I'm carrying around these huge & heavy boxes this entire time!
so, I fill out the forms the best I can and was told once I finished I could get in the front of the line and be the next person helped, so that's exactly what I did, only to find out I filled the damn forms out wrong and would have to do it all over again int he meanwhile getting other people pissed off at me cause they think I cut in line and it wasn't my turn!
I was pissed off by this point and yelled 'Fine then, I'm not dealing with this shit, I'm taking my business elsewhere"
right when I did another guy chimes in, "I'm not playing these games any longer, I'm leaving too!"
I ended up going down the street to a postnet and they were so much more friendlier and helpful there, giving me the lowest possible prices and even helping me fill out the forms and package my packages a bit better!!!! It was such a more pealsurable experience there then the stupid hassle and rudeness I had to deal with at the PO!
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