Dolphin-chick (libra_iruka) wrote in bad_service,

I've copy and pasted this brom my friend sailorlimabean's journal because she doesn't feel like joining another high-traffic community. I felt it needed to be shared however.

Anyone in Las Vegas, DO NOT shop at Jane's Birds

"Well, I went ahead and gave Jane's Birds on D.I. and Sandhill another try. Sure, the women there have always been incredibly snarky and rude to me, but what the heck. I'll get my bird and just never deal with them again. I went there on Wednesday with my cockatiel and looked around. I talked to Amy's friend (since Amy was ignoring me, again) and saw which 'tiels my bird got along with. We picked a girl and, since there was a little cockatiel the other birds were ganging up on AND who got along well with my bird, purchased the other boy as well. Went ahead and got a new cage, some stuff for the cage... Ended up spending well over $200. I SPECIFCALLY ASKED Amy about her store's pet policy. I asked "are these birds checked by a doctor" (yes) and "Who?" (Dr. Hauck from FPC). I asked "if there is a medical problem with the birds, besides me just flaking and changing my mind, will you take them back?" (yes, yes, of course). I specifically asked what the birds were used to eating... all sorts of questions. I have had cockatiels now for almost ten years. I know pretty much what to ask and what not....

So, the three cockatiels and I went home. That night, both birds were quiet and scared... didn't pay it much attention since it was the first night. They are probably scared. Yesterday night, around 5pm, the female starts acting strangely. She's OBVIOUSLY ill. She is sneezing, coughing up what looked like phlegm, looks like she has thrown-up slightly. I call Flamingo Pet Clinic right away and they tell me to bring her in the next morning (emergency vets, I find, really can't help birds much at night unless it is an obvious thing like a blood feather...). Well, by 7am this morning I have two crying children going on because "Caroline is dead! Caroline is DEAD!!!!" Oh boy. There she is, stiff on the bottom of her cage. with the boy bird I bought trying to wake her up. Thank GOD I kept my bird away! I call Jane's over and over and over... finally get in touch with someone. I bring the boy, the cage, the equip., and Caroline to the store where they accuse ME of killing her. They say I must have done something wrong. They blame ~me~, the food I fed them (even though I got it THERE), the water I gave them, the alignment of the stars... everything but themselves. They will NOT refund my money (I can, however, exchange my dead bird for another bird FROM THE SAME CAGE I GOT THE SICK BIRD FROM) and are so incredibly insulting, rude, and just exhibit such DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR (while I am very upset having had to deal with crying kids AND now the risk that my bird, who I have had for YEARS now might be exposed to whatever this other bird had) I ended up leaving with nothing. I was told to come back on Tuesday and they will "deal with me then."

On top of everything else, you know, selling sick birds and being rude, the owner (Jane this time) told me everything that I and avian-veterinarians believe about birds is wrong because, after all, she has had 30 years of exp. Well, 30 years of exp doesn't mean much when you sell birds that don't last a week.

So, heads up. Jane's Birds. WOW. Boo! Right now I am out $237 AND birds. Great."
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