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First time poster, hi :]

I have to start out by remembering a time when I was in high school and my best friends and I decided to have breakfast at our favorite diner before school started. There was an older man at the table next to us, reading the newspaper and waiting patiently to be served. His waitress decided that, instead of walking up to him like any other normal waitress would (and should!), she was going to stand ACROSS THE ROOM holding a coffee pot and YELLING "DO YOU WANT A REFILL? HEY! HEY! DO YOU WANT A REFILL? ARE YOU DEAF!?"
Talk about being outraged and embarrassed by her actions even though we had absolutely no reason to be!

I decided to treat the new boyfriend and I out for a nice dinner (I know, Applebees isn't considered nice or fancy, but when in comparison to all the Subway and Waffle House we've been eating...)
The wait wasn't long, even though it was pretty crowded. We actually got lucky because they unexpectedly had a large table free and the parties before us refused to take it because it was in the smoking section, but I'm not picky and he smokes, so it was perfect.

1) The waitress took FOREVER to get our glasses of water. I know 20 minutes isn't forever, but I don't find it acceptable. I was about to grab some glasses and go around the corner and pour it myself.

2) She then took another trip around the world before taking our orders. I forget the exact name of what I normally order, but it's on the Weight Watchers menu and it's something like fajitas with chicken and a variety of vegetables, but I always get it without the chicken because chicken makes me sick and I really don't like to puke for two days for the sake of a good meal. The waitress says she'll ask the cook if he can do it without the chicken and I'm pretty certain it's possible because like I said, they've had no problem leaving the chicken out before. She comes back and says it's all in a mix and that it's not possible for this to be done. I think that's pretty strange, but I accept it and scan the menu for something else.

3) After another long round of being ignored, she finally comes back and I ask her if they can still work around the meal that I was really set on and came to Applebees for in the first place, because all of the ingredients in it are simple - cheese, mushrooms, peppers, etc..basic things that I know damn well they have a large stock of because at least one of those indredients are in almost every meal. She sighs deeply and tells me again that it's not possible at all. Not possible to give me a plate of vegetables, are you serious?

4) Rather than arguing, I chose their mac&cheese, which comes with chicken as well so I let her know that as with the last dish, chicken makes me sick and please leave it out. What's in my mac&cheese when it first comes out? CHICKEN GALORE. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know that you didn't want chicken in this," she says. I resist the urge to strangle her.

5) Miraculously, 30 seconds after I send the dish back, it comes out again, this time without the chicken because it's obviously been plucked out -at least the larger bits have- and there are tons of little pieces scattered all over the top.

6) I send it back again and somehow the dish that took 20 minutes to cook the first time now only takes a few seconds as it's obvious they haven't attempted to remake it AT ALL and are just leaving it sit on the counter for a few seconds to make me think they're recooking it. Proof? A) These "freshly made" meals of mine keep getting colder and colder every time I receive them, B) I did a little trick of breaking the hard bread that comes along with it in half and positioning it carefully, only to find it in the same exact spot every time - wouldn't remaking my meal consist of giving me new, unbroken bread? and C) Every time I say no chicken, it still comes back out with pieces of chicken in it. PURE LAZINESS.

Nor did she, at any time, ask if we wanted refills on our drinks or even stop by to see how we were doing, even though she walked by 100 times and we had to flag her whenever we needed something.
My boyfriend refused to eat his dinner until I could eat mine, so he ended up eating an icy cold burger after I got sick of sending my food back four times or so (I usually NEVER send food back unless it's something completely different than what I ordered, so this was a first for me) and I finally got sick and tired of it and I was so hungry that I accepted my food at last and tried to eat around the chicken. As predicted, I was very ill yesterday morning, and I plan to never go to that location again.

I've never written to corporate before...I've always thought only crazy, snobby people do that...but I'm thinking about it. Am I crazy or snobby for wanting to do so?
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