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GameStop SC

I was on vacation in California and bought a used The Sims game for Nintendo DS. When I got home and put the game in my device, and it did not work. Period. My DS Lite didn't recognize any game was in the slot. I even tried it in my brother's regular DS. Nothing.

At first, I was going to return it to the original store I bought it from, but I didn't manage extra time to do it, so I was then going to have my brother return it for me until I realized there was a GameStop nearby in the mall back near my house.

I returned to South Carolina and had my husband take the game to the GameStop in the mall, within the exchange period for used games (only 7 days! ugh). They would not accept it because it was bought in a different state. No where on the receipt does it say anything about South Carolina GameStops/EB stores having a special policy regarding returns/exchanges and neither does the website that I could find.

I called the customer service line and all I'm told is "Oh yeah, South Carolina has a special return policy... sorry. You'd have to go back to California or a neighboring state to return/exchange it."

Utter bullshit! With money being tight right now, I could use the damn $20 I spent on that piece of junk plastic!
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