Pip (epiphling) wrote in bad_service,

To The Lovely Cab Driver

Dear Cabbie Who Picked Me Up At Wal-Mart Last Week,

I know it's a pain in the ass to have to install the car seat that usually takes up space in your trunk.  I'm sorry that I decided to take my child shopping with me today to get him out of my husband's hair, and thusly have to inconvenience you while you're doing your job.  Perhaps next time, you should request a car that doesn't have a car seat in the trunk to avoid having to install it in your back seat.

However, I do not take this as an excuse as to why you did not get out of your car to help me with my purchases, like all of your co-workers do.  I've been using your company for years. My father drove for your company, I dated someone who drove for your company.  I know how your policies work.  You are required to do all you can to aid the passenger.  You did not.

You certainly don't make your money from the flat fares.  I know full well you only get half of what's registered on the meter, and that's after the gas funds have been deducted.  I am well aware that the majority of your take for the evening comes from your tips. Remember, I dated a cab driver. I know full well.  

When you decide on a freezing, blustery evening that you're going to sit comfortably in your warm car while I wrestle my two-year-old into the car seat -- and thank you for telling me the latch could be difficult to work in AFTER I managed to latch it -- and watch calmly while the wind takes my cart and starts rolling it down the walk, I will decide that you are getting exactly what is owed to you... your fare and nothing more. 

Now, had you actually gotten out of the cab and given me a hand as you are required to do instead of waiting patiently for me to wrestle several large and bulky packages into your trunk, I may have reconsidered my position.  You may have gotten the usual dollar-or-two tip I give drivers who show they actually care about customer service and women with children who have potentially heavy or many packages to store away.  

But you didn't.  So enjoy the fare, and not a cent more.  Yes, I will be waiting for my quarter change, thank you.

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