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No, you can't post your mail&$#&^#!!!!!!!!!!

Australia Post = postal service in Australia.

Australia Post = owns the market for all postal services in Australia.


I go into a Business Centre on Wednesday, because I'd like 500 C4 pre-paid envelopes.

These are A4 already-paid-for envelopes to the value of something like $2.50 (maximum weight is 500grams). So, instead of going out &buying plain envelopes, then buying stamps, I can just buy these &put them straight into the mailbox.


500 isn't an awful lot for a Business Centre that all mail in the area goes through.. two mail pickups a day, two mail deliveries a day, about 20 workers sorting, three or four on the front desk, every business in the area goes here to order their supplies.

But no, apparently 500 is a lot!

I can have 70.

And order the rest.

But they only do orders on Tuesday's. And I have gone in on a Wednesday.

I say 'but you are a business centre, yes?'


'And you only do ONE mail supply order a week??' This is coupled with a srslywtf?? look from me.


'Okay so I'd like to order them for Tuesday please.' I say politely.

'Oh they come in on Thursday though.'


No wonder Australia Post sucks in every aspect of everything they ever do, every day of the year in every city in every possible way and every postie sucks at delivering mail-- are you getting the picture here?

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