and i will forever hate roses (joeytheteapot) wrote in bad_service,
and i will forever hate roses

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Dear bitch who keeps calling ME about shit my DAD bought like 15 years ago,
No, I did not buy tools in 1993. Yes, my dad did. Yes, he shares my name. No, neither I nor my mother are lying, so for you to get hateful with her when she tries to explain everything to you is NOT cool. Burn in Hell, bitch. I didn't buy any god damn tools in 1993. I was TEN FUCKING YEARS OLD in 1993. STOP FUCKING CALLING ME, YOU FAT UGLY COW WHO'S HUSBAND (or lesbian partner) WON'T FUCKING TOUCH YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE SUCH A CUNT!


PS. How do I punish my mother for giving me his fucking name? :|
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