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Four different Macy's... two different states.

I was shopping in a mall in New Jersey, where I live, and found a beautiful coat in Macy's. It was everything I have been looking for in a coat for ages. Unfortunately, the coat I found was damaged.

I took the damaged coat and went to a nearby counter to ask if they had anymore. Most of the counters in the nearby area had no one manning them, so I had to wait for a sales associate to wander by. I finally found a lady. I asked if she could check if the store had any more of the coat I wanted. She grabbed the coat from me, scanned it, and told me there were no more. Oh well. I asked if she could see if any Macy's in the area had any. With a snippy tone, she told me that she couldn't do that. Then she snatched the coat away before I could take down the brand name, saying she was going to damage it out, then walked away. I was shocked. How could a big store like Macy's not have a system that checks other stores inventories?

I went to the Macy's in the mall that I work in and found the coat again, but this time it was the wrong size. Again, I stood near a counter for awhile, waiting for help. Macy's never seems to have manned counters, it's really annoying. Finally, a sales associate spotted me and came over. She was a lot more helpful and told me that the store had no more in my size, but that she could easily print me out a list of stores in the area that would. Ah-hah! So the first lady was lying! Knew it! How hard was it to print out a slip of paper? Insult to injury, the paper said that the other Macy's I had been in had two of the coats in stock... even though the woman had told me they had none. That really annoyed me.

The slip of paper said that the Macy's in Herald Square had four of the coats. As luck would have it, I was going to NYC for the weekend to visit an old college roommate who lived in Manhatten. I figured I could pop into the store on problem and grab it. Fantastic.

On the way up to New York, I stopped to pick up another friend of mine and we caught a quick lunch at a nearby mall before heading on. The mall had a Macy's, so I quickly went in to see if they had my coat. Again, they had it but the wrong size. Again, I played the waiting game of trying to find a sales associate to ask. This time, no one ever came. The entire department was devoid of any sales people. There was a line near one empty counter, six people deep, all waiting to purchase items. I finally gave up and abandoned the coat search. Honestly, what is it with Macy's and staffing?

Finally, a day later, I got to the Macy's in Herald Square. It's an absolutely huge store, nine floors of anything you could ever want. And I wanted my coat. I found the floor I needed and went on the coat hunt again. Same old story. I found the coat but in the wrong size. After extensively searching the section and coming up empty handed, I took the coat over to a sales woman who was putting clothes away.

I politely told her I was looking for the coat in a bigger size. She didn't say anything to me but vaguely pointed in the direction the coat had come from. I asked her if I she could maybe check for me. She glared at me, as if I had just kicked her puppy, and snapped that all the coats were already out in that area, and if it wasn't there, then they didn't have it. She then left her cart of clothes and walked away. I was aghast. What the hell had I done except ask her to help me?

Now I was angry. Fuck, I had been to three Macy's, trying to find this one damned coat, and each time I was thwarted by sales people (or a lack there of!). I searched for another sales person and found one, actually at a counter! I explained, as politely as I could, how rude the other woman had been and that I just wanted to find the bloody coat. I showed her the slip of paper that said the store had four. She seemed very shocked at how difficult it's been for me to find this coat, and marched right over to the rude sales woman and asked where the coat stockroom was. The first sales woman glared at me again and said she didn't know and fled again!

The helpful sales woman told me not to worry. She found another woman working and found where the coats were kept. She told me to wait by her counter and went to search for my coat. She searched for awhile, but finally came back victorious, with my coat in the right size. I could have hugged her! I thanked her profusely and bought the coat from her. It was even better, once I realized the 148$ coat was on clearance for 31$! One of my friends, who had stayed with me during the ordeal, remarked that for that price, she wanted one too! The sales woman smiled, and went back into the stock room and returned with two more coats, one for my friend in two different sizes to try on! She also ended up buying one.

So, after four Macy's, various forms of bad service (and non-service!), I hit the jackpot with one super nice sales person and got the coat I had been lusting after all weekend. Really though, what's with all the non-staffing in Macy's and the lying and lazy sales people?
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