PolyEMTgirl (polyemtgirl) wrote in bad_service,

So apparently McAfee thought it would be a brilliant idea to automatically renew peoples anti-virus protection without even letting anyone know before hand... I got an email the following email this morning:

"Dear Erin,

Your McAfee® subscription has been successfully renewed using the payment information on file.
You can now enjoy another year of protection whenever you use your computer and go online.

With McAfee protection, you will be able to continue to confidently surf the web, send e-mail, and
shop and bank online without worrying about viruses, spyware, spam, phishing scams, hackers
and identity theft.


I sent them an email back letting them know that not only was this totally unauthorized, but doing this also completely destroyed my trust in the company. I told them that if I am not promptly refunded I will be issuing a chargeback through my credit card company...

Luckily I got a response tonight, but it still bothers me:

"As requested, I have refunded the $74.89 renewal charge. Credit to your MasterCard account will be available within 5 business days with refund number CS325610040.

With the automatic renewal feature now set off, I confirm that McAfee will no longer automatically renew your license.

McAfee renews your account using the Always On Protection (automatic renewal) plan to ensure the uninterrupted service of your security software. The reason McAfee introduced the Always On Protection plan is that majority of our customers prefer an automatic renewal over a manual renewal. To review the Always On Protection policy, please follow this link: http://us.mcafee.com/root/alwaysOn.asp"

How can they get away with just randomly deciding to renew people's subscriptions like that?!?!?! Depending on how long it takes this refund to go thru, my bank account may end up overdrawn now... *sigh*

ETA: This auto renewal was something new that they implemented WITHOUT notifying their customers.... I actually DID read their TOS when I renewed last year (which I had to do manually I might add) and it did not say that they could automatically renew subscriptions without authorization...
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