philstar22 (philstar22) wrote in bad_service,

Student Loan Payment

Okay, my family has been in Croatia for the past year. We've come back to the U.S for a couple of months. We were checking some mail sent to us, and included was some overdue notices for a loan that was supposed to have been paid through January. We called them, and multiple sucks took place.

1. Their system is an old one that only allows you to make 1 payment. If you put in multiple payments, it automatically only takes the last one while still giving you all the confirmations and not letting you know.

2. Even though there is no information of this on their website, and even though we got the confirmations, it is still somehow our fault for not knowing. The company is still making me pay all the late fees that have accumulated.

3. The lady on the phone offered no appology, was really nasty to my mom, and basically acted like she should have known what was going on.

4. We were oversees. We called them before we went to change the mailing address. The late notices still got sent to our office in Washington. We had called before to change the address to our home in San Antonio. If they had gone there, we would have gotten them since our neighbor sends us our mail every few weeks. Since it went to the office, we didn't get the notices until just now. Somehow, this is also our fault according to the lady. We still should have known.

Basically, I've had to pay a whole lot of extra money that I should have and the lady we talked to was completely nasty and unapoligetic about it.  Also, my credit is now shot because they sent it to collections when we didn't respond to the notices we never got.

Edit: Thanks for the advice. We called them back. The first lady we talked to was nice, but didn't want to help. We asked to speak to a manager, and he was very helpful. Everything is settled now.
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