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UPS and Sprint

Sprint is supposed to be sending my husband a new cell phone; unfortunately they decided to use UPS to deliver it. They tried to deliver it yesterday afternoon (I work in the afternoon every day but Wednesday) but my kids never pay attention to the doorbell so they left a post-it saying that they couldn't deliver it. This was my day off anyway, so I waited all afternoon for it, then noticed that it was 6 pm (it was supposed to be delivered between 2 and 5 pm) so I called UPS to find out if the guy was still on the way and they claimed that a delivery attempt had been made at 5:37 pm! No one rang the doorbell; no one left a post-it even saying they'd tried to deliver it again. Nothing. And because it's a phone UPS refuses to deliver it any further away than next door; they won't take it to my corner store, half a block away, they won't take it to my office, in a different part of the city.

The UPS person I talked to claimed that I could call Sprint if I want it delivered elsewhere and get them to call UPS to tell them to take it to a different address. I tried for half an hour to convince someone at Sprint to do that; they refused. Once an order is shipped it is "closed" and they cannot change the address for "closed" orders. I got the run-around on that one and my husband then tried calling UPS back. He explained that Sprint refuses to change anything about shipped orders and can't they please just send it to an alternate address? Refusals all around.

How the hell are we supposed to take delivery of this phone when neither Sprint nor UPS seem to want to send it someplace where we can actually sign for it or when UPS's employees just automatically assume that no one is home and don't even TRY to knock or ring a bell? For that matter, since the UPS guy didn't even bother to leave a note, I'm not even convinced that he bothered to get out of the truck. Delivery attempt at 5:37 pm? Maybe in some other universe; certainly not this one.

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