ohsummerstars (ohsummerstars) wrote in bad_service,

FedEx problems

This is as much as a bad_service as it is me asking for advice:

So I went down to Manhattan the weekend before Christmas, and bought a pair of gorgeous Coach flats. I got them in a size 6 thinking I could stretch them half a size. Wore them around the house, no can do. I head up to Danbury Faire Mall, and the super sweet Coach ladies locate me a pair at a different store, pay $1.50 in shipping, and I'm told they'd be at my house in 5-7 business days. I'm cool with this.

That was on Thursday, January 3rd. Apparently sometime on Friday, specifically 2:16pm, Fed-Ex brought my package to my house, via tracking information on the Fed Ex website. My father and  I were home...I was home from 11am until 6pm on Friday. I never once heard a doorbell ring, saw a truck, saw a package outside, and the kicker? It was POURING. rain all day So basically my shoes have either been stolen, or lost.

I call Coach to see if they can refund my package, but they say I have to deal with Fed Ex. I'll be calling tomorrow and hopefully I won't be completely S.O.L.

I'm so, so mad.
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