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A Certain Pet Supply Store

In letter format, which may or may not be edited and sent to corporate:

Dear Manager(s) at Pet Supplies Plus,

I like your store because they work with the Humane Society to adopt kittens rather than selling them, you encourage adoption instead of sales of all animals, and you carry high-end dog and cat food as well as have some knowledgeable associates.


When I went to complain that there were three goldfish in a one-gallon tank on display, and that the tank was a) inappropriately small and b) one of the fish was DEAD, there was *no call* for you to snap at me, "THE TANK IS NOT TOO SMALL." The second manager, you were far nicer, but you told me the rule was one gallon of water per inch of fish. For goldfish??? Uhm hum. I guess I use a different Google from you, then. http://freshaquarium.about.com/cs/beginnerinfo/a/fishcalc.htm My first hit searching "gallon of water per inch of fish" brought me this link. Perhaps you might see about reading it. I have also read many other sites that give a similar warning: it's not a "hard-and-fast" rule for stocking a tank, and overstocking IS VERY COMMON FOR THIS REASON.

Additionally, don't talk down to me, First Manager With Whom I Spoke. Saying "they're just FEEDER goldfish, they're TEN FOR A DOLLAR. They aren't UNCOMFORTABLE," implies to me that you a) know nothing about fish and b) don't believe in the importance of keeping your animals healthy and comfortable. I am sort of upset, as I did enjoy shopping at your location previously, but after being treated like a nut for being concerned over the conditions in which your fish are kept, I may find a new location at which to purchase my pet supplies.

That said, I may (likely) be making a complaint to corporate later today. The attitude was uncalled-for and while I've worked retail and don't really believe that "customer is always right" crap, I do believe that I am right and--unlike you--have read up on the needs of the animals you carry. Try doing some *research*...ass.

ETA: There should not have been three fish in one gallon if they were on display--I understand the need to keep feeders in crowded conditions for the mere idea of being able to sell them--but if they are displaying them like that, it gives people the impression that it's okay to keep them in a gallon tank in threes or more--and it's *not*. Also, the water was pretty dirty. There was no filter on this tiny tank and with goldfish, even feeders, you need a filter.
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