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Workman's Comp/Doctors bad bad service

To explain this, you need to know the reason my husband is going to the doctor through Workman's Comp.

He got injured at work when a steel rod fell on his head. It only fell from a few feet but still, the injury happened.

I will cut each one so you will understand and it won't flood the page.

The night it happened, my husband knew he would be there for ages so the supervisor got his car keys, drove to our house, picked me up so that I could take him to the hospital because getting an abulance to where they work takes over two hours. No it isn't that far away, it just always takes that long.

So I drive him to the hospital, help him support his neck and back as we go into the ER and explain to them what happened and where he was hurting.

They put him on a backboard, due to his back pain.

They left him there for four hours before they even got the x-rays done. They did those, also a MRI and a cat scan. When it came time to send him home, they didn't even have a hard neck brace in his size, they didn't have hard neck braces period, so my husband was sent home in a soft one. Not cool at all.

When WC tried to get the reports, the hospital had lost them and tried to say that hubby didn't report he had back or neck pain.

Oh really?? Funny thing he spent four hours on a back board due to said pain and you did x-rays and cat scans due to his pain problems but yet they said that he didn't say it. Now he has to give a recorded statement about it and here it is months later and they still haven't found the reports but did find his x-rays and cat scan.

The WC doctor ordered hubby to get a MRI done. Hubby did and the MRI reader said, it might be arthuritis in his neck and his back, seemed injured. So the WC doctor sends him to Physical Therapy for his back.

Goes through the treatment but notices after every appointment, he is in more pain in his neck. They take him off light duty and schedule another MRI. Even though he is still complaining about neck and back pain.

Hubby got another MRI done on Friday. Yesterday he had an appointment with the WC doctor.

In all these months of his pain, the first WC doctor could have did more damage then good. The last report as of yesterday....

My husband has not one injury but five. The T5, T6, T7, T8, and T9 vertebra in his neck are injured. This came from the rod falling. Four months past the fact and we find a doctor who knows what he is doing. He is sending hubby to an orthopedic specialist and hopes that surgery won't have to happen.

He also stated to hubby that the Physical Therapy they put him through could have caused more injury to his currently injured discs. Which upsets me greatly. How can a doctor who is trained in seeing injuries miss five of them? I could understand one but five?

So now he is back on light duty and having to deal with more doctors. Is there somewhere we can report this due to the hospital, doctor and WC neglect? This is like the forth worker through WC my husband has had and with the hospital trying to say he didn't report his back and neck pain, really takes the cake. I mean, why else would they have placed him on the backboard?

We are at a loss at what to do with this one. Any information and advice would be appreicated.
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