A-MAN-DAH (callmekutch) wrote in bad_service,

after an unfortunate incident involving hotel shampoo and my cellphone, my phone was sent off to motorola. a few days pass, we don't hear from them, so my mom and i check the tracking number, they received my phone on dec 26th. we call to find out what's up, they lead us to believe that my phone is being worked on, everything is fine and dandy, hooray! they say it should be here by jan 8th, the latest jan 12th, and that date eventually turns into the phone not being shipped out until the 21st.

yesterday my phone arrives, early too, i was stoked! i open the box, and read the letter telling me that my phone can't be fixed. they've had my phone since dec 26th, and decide to tell me in a LETTER that my phone can't be fixed? that makes a lot of sense. my mom ended up bringing my phone to the guy in the mall, and he fixed it within an hour and a half... i understand that my insurance didn't cover water damage, but you tell me in a letter, instead of over the phone, instead you lead me to believe that my phone was being fixed. that's not cool.
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