mourning_night (mourning_night) wrote in bad_service,

Bad Grad School! No Cookie

I'm applying to grad schools and one of them has given such terrible service that I really wonder if going there would be pleasant. So far they've:

- lost my reference letters which were sent to them directly by the writers

- lost my transcripts which were sent by my other schools directly to them.

- lost supporting documents which they requested and I sent express post with tracking. I'm glad I shelled out the extra cash to do that because I then had to prove that I'd sent them the documents and somebody in their office sign for them.

- their secretary has told me that they do not answer any email because they are too busy and furthermore they don't like being phoned, even when the call is to follow up with them at their request, because they are busy.

- they have changed my application status from complete to incomplete and back again without explanation

I know that a grad school isn't a typical service institution but when I'm paying just to have the application processed I think this qualifies as bad service.
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