The Ninja (the_ninja_style) wrote in bad_service,
The Ninja

It's like a big mac, but not

I went to McDonalds on my lunch at 2:20PM. I came back to my desk, unwrapped my Double Cheeseburger, and the first thing I notice is the lettuce sticking out.
It's been awhile since I ate at McDonalds, as I really don't like it so I thought maybe they started adding lettuce to this burger. A quick check online told me they hadn't.
So I take off the lettuce and then notice I don't have ketchup, but rather the sauce they put on the Big Mac.
Basically I have a Big Mac on a regular hamburger bun.
Then, I dig in my bag for fries. I pull out a fry box and... no fries. None. They weren't in the bottom of the bag either.
Now I've got an empty fry box and a hybrid of a Big Mac and Double Cheeseburger.
I'm stuck with this because I can't leave work to go back to McDonalds, and I highly doubt they would just hand me a large fry anyway.
Is it really so hard to provide me with the food I asked for? Who grabs a fry box and just sticks it in the bag? Isn't it obvious it's missing fries?
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