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Maybe this isn't a big enough suck, but I'm gritting my teeth over it.

I have to get an utrasound and biopsy done on my leg for a mysterious mass (it doesn't SEEM like cancer, but still, it needs to be checked out.)

The dr. said I would get a call from a nurse to schedule an utrasound appointment once they made sure my insurance would pony up.

Got home last Wednesday at 4:30, had a message on my answering machine -- I had an appointment with the utrasound tech at 10am the next day.
I called the person back (note, this isn't the tech, it's the nurse that handles referals), wasn't there, left a message saying sorry, I can't make it, I have work, can she call me back so we can schedule one?

Called on Thursday to remind her I can't make it. Can she call me back on cell instead of home number?

Didn't call Friday because I was too busy.

Left message today at 8:30am, called to check at 10am (didn't leave message), left message at 1:10pm.

Isn't that your job lady? You can't return even one of my calls? Listen, I don't perform surgery or disarm nuclear bombs, but I DO have a job that is 70 miles (one way) away from my house, so I can't just get a call saying "oh by the way, come in tomorrow."

(oh, and I did ask the front receptionist if she is out or has been out or is back from lunch, etc. I want her job if I can be away from my desk that much and not return calls.)


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