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evil city water service

I will preface this by saying it is entirely possible that I am in the wrong here. This is the first time I've lived in a house on my own where all the bills were separate (i.e. not covered in the rent). So it does get a little confusing.

I received two water bills in the mail Saturday. The city uses prepaid postage that just says *Paid for by City*- it's not a postage meter, and isn't postmarked. So I couldn't prove when they were sent out.

The first bill lists "Residential Water," "Residential Sewer," "Storm Water," "New Account Fee," and "Service Charge." Those last two are because it's the first bill. The bill date is January 3rd, and the due date is January 18. The services for the water, sewer, etc. go from 11/21/07 to 12/26/07.

The second bill lists "Residential Water," "Residential Sewer," and "Storm Water" again, for 12/26/07 to 1/7/08. The bill date is January 7th, and is due January 22nd. But, it says Account Past Due, with a late charge of $16.16.

Ignoring the facts of why I can't pay said late charge, why do I have one? The first bill isn't due to be paid until the 18th. I didn't even receive it until this weekend, but I have no way to prove it (because of the aforementioned prepaid postage).

I will call the city today. I just want to know- am I getting screwed?
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