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Cut for language and extreme wank. (Also, me being whiny.)

I've seen some horrific stories in here (ie. the person who dealt with asshattery involving an exploded hot water tank) and in no way is mine as extreme as that but nevertheless when you're already dealing with drama and encounter the slightest annoyance I must tattle on the offenders.

labor around stinking mush and serve me my meals from behind a counter ("Would you like fries with that?") so bear in mind when I enter your establishment I'm not looking to be a bitch. But I'm also not looking to be abused. My dad works a second job in the evenings and on weekends so often I'll meet him for lunch on Saturday and Sunday. We've been to every fast food place within a reasonable distance of his work about a billion times and got burnt out on it so we decided to *upgrade* to Panera. I know that sounds silly, I promise. Anyfuck, I love their broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl. Sounds simple, right? But on every single occasion that we've tried to eat at this place we've been douched over.

1.) The staff are, without exaggeration, hipster teens with greasy hair, acne scabs and a fucking bad attitude. Every single one. Except of course the people who you don't get to interact with. Waiting in line is a nightmare. My dad and I went in around 2:30 PM once when there were probably two people eating in the whole place and about ten people behind the counter. But when we went up to the counter to order people just kept walking past and completely ignored us. My dad tried to get their attention but every little snot nosed teen just kept walking away. And it wasn't like they were really doing anything! They were chatting loudly with each other about their weekends and how much they hated their high school teachers. Service, PLZ!

2.) Once someone finally acknowledges our presence they just come stand in front of the register and don't say anything. Not "Welcome to Panera! Can I take your order?," "Sorry for the wait, how may I help you?" or even a simple "Hello." After I established that they were just going to wait for me to start I politely request my "Broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl, please." If I'm lucky then they punch something in and wait for my dad to order (Okay, I'll just assume you heard me correctly, douche) but sometimes "OH WE DON'T HAVE ANY BREAD BOWLS" even though.. it's on.. your menu.. As a side suck I'd like to wonder aloud why I'm constantly being told that some place is out of something. Why? You are Panera Bread.. shouldn't you have BREAD? I know this may seem persnickety but they are constantly out of BREAD at PANERA BREAD. So then I get stuck with some little ceramic bowl that probably wasn't thoroughly washed. Fine, whatever.

3.) My younger sister ordered a sandwich and asked for them to hold the onions. Easy? Apparently not. The guy brings out a sandwich with onions. She told the dude "Oh, I asked for no onions" and he said "Oh, sorry" and took it back behind the counter. I noticed he rolled his eyes, bitched about it to his co-workers, and brought back the same sandwich only with the onions picked off. HOLD UP, PLZ. What if my sister had an allergy to onions? What if she broke out in hives or her throat closed up and she died on your floor because you 1.) fucked up to begin with and 2.) didn't remake the sandwich as you SHOULD HAVE. Fuck you, and go cry to your friends about what a horrible server you are. Thanks for the onion juice, a-hole.

4.) On one occasion we were brought someone else's meal despite their system of giving you a numbered card which you display on your table. When she brought us our order she looked at and took back our number but we called her before she got too far and told her we were #Whatever and didn't order this. So she took it back and brought us another meal.. "This still isn't ours. We ordered blah blah blah and this is blah blah blah." Throughout this whole ordeal (after having to wait 5 minutes for someone to acknowledge our presence and take our order, waiting ten minutes for it to be brought out, etc) she isn't saying anything or apologizing. Just keeps bringing us some other paying customer's food. Ugh. Finally she brings the right meal after they have to make it (over? Because they fucked up? Or because they never even made it the first time? Hell if I know.)

5.) The restaurant is always filthy. I realize Panera is popular in this area because aspiring screen writers are always coming in to write publicly on their lap tops and hog tables so they can use free Wi-Fi while sipping on their green tea but honestly, you are running a reputable establishment, SWEEP THE FLOOR and CLEAN THE TABLES, plz to not be meeting your acquaintance ever again. There is always trash on every available table-top and mushy lettuce and chips on the floor. Why don't you stop popping zits over the bar counter and come sweep and clean the dining area? Thanks.

I bet I sound like a brat but honestly, giving that place the benefit of the doubt and continuing to eat there only to be screwed over every time is pretty obnoxious considering they’ve got the only relatively healthy, non-greasy-burger food in the area.

Also, I don’t mean to offend anyone who works at a Panera. This just seems to be the way of our local one.

ETA: For everyone who wants to know why we keep going back, just for clarification: this is all built up over four+ years of eating lunch every saturday and sunday and basically our only options are greasy burgers, chain sandwich shops or panera. so on the day when i can't stomach mcidiot's i opt for something easier on my system. keep in mind we've only been to panera a total of five times over those four+ years. since my dad works this second job i see him only 45 minutes on a weekday and maybe an hour on a weekend day so sometimes i have to put up with shitty service or just not get to see my dad. i suppose that's why i deal with it but after today i guess it's just something i'll have to sacrifice.
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