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Bad Service from a Locksmithing Company

I bet we won't ever use this company again.

For the second time in four years of marriage ( the first time since we had the Saturn) my husband locked the keys in the car yesterday. He swears on this payday he is having a key made so I can keep it on my keyring.

We had to stop at the Dollar Store yesterday. We ran out of lightbulbs. We get halfway across the parking lot and he patted his shorts, causing his eyes to go wide. He looked at me and said, please tell me you didn't lock your door.

I of course had.

We go back over and sure enough, there was the keys in the ignition.

After borrowing a phone book from the Dollar Store we got the number for the Locksmith.

We called from a payphone because our Boost phones were out of time. This was the conversation because Hubby was letting me listen in. Cut to save space.


LS.. Thank you for calling LS, how can we help you?

H... Yes, I locked my keys in the car and I needed to know how much it will cost to get the doors unlocked.

LS..What kind of car is it?

H...2000 Saturn SL2. It has dragons on the hood and dragon graffics down the side.

LS.. That will cost 55.00

H.. Great. We are in the parking lot of Dollar General at the corner of 92 and Combee Road.

LS...Someone will be there in thirty minutes.

H..Thank you. Here is my cell number. I will get a prepaid card for it so you can reach me.

LS.. Thank you again for calling. Someone will be there in thirty minutes.

Forty minutes pass and no one shows. So hubby calls back.

LS..May I help you

H..Yes, I called about the Saturn.

LS.. They aren't there yet?

H...No sir.

LS.. They should be pulling up any minute.

H..Thank you

They finally show up an hour and a half after the phone call. This is how the meeting between the guy who came out and us went.

SA...Smart arsed guy for the LS company


SA.. How are you all?

H.. Good except the fact that I locked my keys in my car.

SA..Yeah, so..Do that often?

H.. No, only the second time ever. First time with this car.

SA..*walks over* Did he tell you how much it was going to be?

H.. 55.00

SA...*mumbles under his breath a cuss word* Right so...

SA..*while trying to get teh door opened* Why didn't you just bust out the small window in the back and reach in and unlock it.

Me in total shock.

H.. the glass would have cost more then waiting on you. Traffic must have been bad for it to take you this long to get here.

SA.. No, we decided to stop for lunch.

H: Sorry to call on your lunch break.

SA.. Oh it wasn't our break. We just decided we were hungry.

Me.. ready to fall over.

SA.."gets the door opened and snatches the money out of hubby's hand" Try not to lock your keys in the car again.

I was so angry about the situation of how it was handled that after the SA left, I had hubby to call the LS and tell him what happened.

The LS asked if the guy asked for our liscense and the proper documentation on the car. My hubby told the truth and said no. He also told the LS that his boys decided to stop for lunch. And finally just left. He also stated what the SA said about the back window and how rude his actions and words were. Needless to say the man was because the guys were supposed to inform us that they were on the way. The cell phone never rang.

I don't think that I will ever use that company again. If it was so close to their lunch time, which it wasn't, they should have sent someone else. I have never had a person, not ask for proper documentation or even suggest that we had busted out the window. The last place we used, called to let us know they were running late due to a wreak on the street. They were nice and asked for the proper documentation.

It didn't matter we described the car. It could have been that were were walking by, saw the keys and the doors locked and called the locksmith. It could have been that car belonged to a worker of Winn Dixie or even the Dollar Store. Just because we stayed by the car the entire time, doesn't mean we owned it.

I know it is bad of me but I hope that guy gets fired for his lack of common sense or even for his rude words. We would have showed him all the documents but he never asked.
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