ridureyu (ridureyu) wrote in bad_service,

"No, you may not own money."

I am a graduate student, and I've had different issues every semester I try to register for new classes.  They vary, and often they are system errors or something similar.  I can only rage at the machines.  About three semesters ago, however, I got to experience some amazing service.

I payed, registered, and then checked my account to find that I had been double-charged for tuition.  Naturally, this struck me as somewhat odd.  I went to the school's front desk, and was told to speak to Financial services:

Financial Service Clerk:  "May I help you?"

Me: "Yes, indeed.  Here is my name, here is my Student Account number, and here are the pertinent details for my registration.  As you can see from this information, I was accidentally charged twice for registration.  Could you please refund the extra amount?"

Clerk: "No, I'm sorry, we don't give refunds once you have begun taking classes."

Me: "My classes have not begun yet.  I attend the first one later this week.  Also, I am not asking for a tuition refund.  I was charged twice for one semester, and I am asking for the overcharge to be returned to my account."

Clerk: "No, we don't give refunds."

Me: "You charged me twice for one semester."

Clerk: "Too bad. It's not my fault."

Me: "Your policy states that you will refund incorrect charges, such as this one.  The money is not legally yours."

Clerk: "No.  We're not refunding it." *takes the paperwork I gave him, and then closes the window*

Me: "Was that legal?"

I went home and called the financial services desk.  I got somebody else, who told me that I am owed a refund, but I would have to be present at the desk to receive it, or I could e-mail.  I decided not to say, "The refund was declined," and I simply sent the pertinent information about the double charge via e-mail.  It was refunded by the end of the day.  I know, I was really stupid to not report him, but what could I say?  "One of the people behind the counter refused to refund me. I don't know his name, and he looks pretty average. If you brought in a police lineup, I might be able to identify him."  Eh.

But can anybody tell me what possessed that clerk? 

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