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 Today, I went to a little vintage/resale shop in North Royalton, Ohio called Red Geranium. Let me tell you it was a horrible experience. I found this adorable picture of Pee-wee Herman, and so, I bought it. Well, I went to the counter to check out, and the cashier looks at the picture totally freaked out, and looks at me the same way. I give her a "WTF" look, and here's the exchange between us: 

Her: Oh my. You must be a slut.
Me (shocked): Excuse me?
Her: You have no moral values.
Me: Uhh, okay.
Her: This picture... You must be a disgusting little slut to like such a disgusting person.
Me: Well, honey, he's better than you, and that's all that matters. He's sexy, unlike you.

With that, I walked out, with her looking at me like "I can't believe her!". If you go there, avoid her. Her name's Donna. Please, avoid her like the plague.

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