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Hi there. Two stories, one old and one new, but both happened at the same movie theater and both deal with food poisoning. (One happened last night, and reminded me of the older one.)

I went to see The Bourne Ultimatum when it came out, and got Chinese food beforehand. Something was wrong with the chicken, I think, and between that and the notoriously fast-moving camerawork in the Bourne movies I got very sick partway in-- sick enough that I couldn't make it to the bathroom and threw up in the middle of the hallway.

This was not the suck, natch.

The suck was that it was a late show-- 10:20 PM or thereabouts-- and the movie theater apparently didn't think it was necessary to have any staff around that late. At all. Even though there were still movies going.

I did the right thing; I tried to find an employee to clean up. There was no one at Concessions, or Guest Services, or the box office-- and what's more, when I got desperate enough to go downstairs to the box office I found that the escalators back up to the theaters had been blocked off. If I hadn't taken half a second to grab my purse when I ran out of the theater (theft paranoia FTW) I have no idea how I would've even gotten home.

So, yeah. I don't go to that theater any more if I can possibly help it, and especially not late at night.

Last night, though, I didn't have much of a choice; my friend and I wanted to see There Will Be Blood and it wasn't showing at the theater I've switched to. So we went to dinner, and then to the movie-- and my friend got food poisoning from her cheeseburger. Bad karma, or what.

The staff were actually around this time, and very helpful, and called my friend an ambulance. Paramedics showed up, one was talking to my friend and helping her-- and the other guy . . . was either hitting on me really crudely, or just a jerk. I don't know which.

Seriously. I'm standing in the bathroom, watching my friend throw up and worried out of my mind, and he's joking with me about whether I can carry her coat and bag along with mine/whether I can catch this water bottle if he tosses it to me from two feet away/whether I can handle riding in the ambulance. And he made a big show of grabbing my elbow to (unnecessarily) help me down out of the ambulance when we got to the hospital.

Someone, please, tell me: are there any circumstances whatsoever where it is appropriate for a paramedic (or anyone, really) to act like this? Towards the patient's worried friend? Who is half his age?

BTW: My friend is fine-- she was fine by the time we got to the hospital, even, and we were there for as long as it took for her to convince the doctors of this so we could go home. Otherwise this wouldn't be worth bitching about-- but as it is it annoyed the hell out of me.

Moral of the story: I went back to the theater later and actually saw There Will Be Blood and it is AMAZING and you should all watch it.[/OT]

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