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Ebay suckage..

I did a BIN for some ceramic outlet plates on Jan 2nd and purchased all 26 plates they had to offer.

On Jan 8th I received the package and was thrilled that the shipping was so fast! The thrill was short lived. I opened the box and found 10 of the 26 broken. They were tossed in the box with a little bit of shredded paper and a couple small strips if tiny bubble wrap which was not really wrapped around any of them.

The box arrived intact with no damage what-so-ever. There were no "FRAGILE" or "BREAKABLE" stickers on the box. I'm pissed because these stickers should have been applied and the plates should have been packed better. The seller boasts:

"All material is NEW in original manufacturers packaging unless indicated otherwise in the description. Manufacturers packaging can be different from what is shown in the photo.

· All cartons are opened and the product is inspected prior to shipping to assure that it is complete and there is no hidden damage. Additional packing material may also be added."

What a joke. Then they go on to say:

"We have been in business since 1989, have over 50,000 square feet and $20,000,000 in electrical inventory available. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and we are looking forward to doing business with you."

Here is the problem. I emailed them the night I got the package and sent pics. I got no reply. Thursday afternoon I emailed them thru Ebay and told them of the damage again. Still no reply. It's amazing how fast they replied to me when I asked how much shipping was when I wanted to buy them and now all of a sudden they are too busy? They do give a 1-800 number in the auction so I'll call on monday. If they do not want to settle this in a reasonable way then there is not much I can do but give a neg feedback.

The damage comes out to $17.50, it's not a lot, I just hate being pushed off.

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