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A year ago, when I said I wanted an MP3 player, I told my mom I didn't want it to be an iPod. I thought I could get out of the whole required-software bit if I didn't buy Apple. She got me the Philips Jukebox ToGo player. Unfortunately, this is a PlaysForSure device which requires WMP10. Since I've had no luck installing XP Service Pack 2 on my computer, I've been using my parents' computer.

Then, I got songs from my brother's laptop when he was in town. My brother has WMP11. At this point, I'd had the device for over a year, no problems. But now, suddenly, the device said there was nothing on it. When I looked through WMP10, still nothing. However, opening the device through My Computer showed that all that music was still there! I go to the tech support site.

On the tech support website, there is a notice that says that the Jukebox ToGo is not compatible with WMP11 or higher! There is no mention of possible problems in the documentation, I had to go to the tech support site to see this. Usually, a newer version of a Microsoft program is totally backwards-compatible with everything from the previous versions. I had no reason to suspect that WMP would be any different, especially since most people don't bother going to the tech support site until after something goes wrong in the first place. I dial the phone number listed on the site, and the friendly tech support lady directs me to the File Manager program which is supposed to make things all better. (Restore Factory Settings on the device itself does not actually delete your music. It just changes playback settings. False advertising much?) She says it will erase the old data and start over. This sounds like a good idea to me, because deleting all my music and re-uploading it is still preferable to having it on my device and not being able to access it.

So I install the program, and start re-uploading my old CD's to the player. Then I notice there's a lot less free space then there should be. Turns out, reinstalling the File Manager for the device doesn't erase your music. So I still had the "invisible songs" on there. Worse, now WMP10 sees the "missing" songs, but when I disconnect the MP3 player and try to find those same songs, they're not there. I suddenly have 350 songs instead of 1050. So both methods of accessing those songs through the computer now work, but accessing them through the player itself doesn't.

Legally, I know I don't have a leg to stand on here (although having to go through all that, just to find out a newer version of WMP wasn't compatible with my device, was kind of a dirty trick). But this woman said that reinstalling File Manager would delete everything, and it clearly didn't. When I have to wipe a hard drive manually, I like to know.
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