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Mobile phone woes

26 year old student from Germany here, joined this comm today to report major mobile phone suckage.

I've got a contract with 02 and am using a Motorola Razr phone since summer 2005. In October last year the phone stopped to charge. Whenever I plugged the charger on the charging screen would go blank after a few seconds. Same when I tried to switch the phone on while on the charger cable. Story goes as follows:

- I traipse to my local O2 shop
- 02 lady thinks it was the charger, not the phone
- Tests phone with a different charger - same result
- Phone and battery pack get sent away, replacement phone received
- Replacement phone comes with the wrong charger, therefore useless. I use my old phone with my SIM card because I'm too lazy to bring the replacement back
- Shop can't reach me because they wrote down my email adress wrong and for some reason never used my mobile phone number, just my home number where I'm hardly reachable during opening hours
- Finally get phone back from repair - all is good, maybe except from the fact that they erased all data from it without warning me beforehand
- Batteries run out, I want to recharge ... nothing happens
- Traipse to my local O2 shop
- O2 guys thinks it's the charger and ... well, you know the drill
- Phone gets sent away, this time I keep the battery pack
- Phone gets sent back directly to me.
- I open the package, insert battery pack, try to charge it ...

I'm bringing it back to the shop today and god have mercy if I have to go through the whole "are you sure it's the phone maybe it's the charger" thing again. Also this time I won't let them send it away again.
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