Amanda (lillicat) wrote in bad_service,

Drive Thru "Service"

Hello, long-time lurker, first time poster!

I work third shift, so it isn't uncommon for me to leave my post when I'm bored and get something to eat. There's a fast food place a few miles from work that has a 24-hour drive through. I've been there many times and the service has been average from my experiences.

When I pull to the menu board, instead of hearing the, "I'll be with you in one moment," (polite) I get a, "just hold on one sec." (not polite)

Someone takes my order and tells me to go to the first window. And I wait and wait...finally I decide to pull up to the second window because nobody is appearing at the first window. Out of nowhere, a PEDESTRIAN walks right in front of my car and talks to someone at the window! (This has me flabergasted since I didn't think they could take walk up "orders." The pedestrian is handed a fish sandwich and proceeds to EAT IT in front of the window, looking at ME as I creep closer and closer to him. (Two car lengths mind you, I didn't want to scare him completely.)

This pedestrian continues to eat his food while talking to someone at the window...and keeps getting more free food (assumption since I didn't see pedestrian handing any money over).

By this time, there are two cars behind me, one of which can't see that there's literally a person in front of me and honks for me to go. I look at the clock in the car and see it's been fifteen minutes and I moved from the menu board to a few feet past the window where you pay. This is where I take off and go back to work...hungry.
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