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How to spoil lunch in less than 1 second

This is a pretty minor thing in the grand sceme, but here's a surefire way to sour a customer's good experience at a restaurant.

My sister and I had lunch at Pizzeria Uno in Plymouth Meeting, PA, today. Lunch was great, our server was great, and we really liked the place. We plan to return, despite what happened on the way out.

Right inside the door is a counter, apparently set up for to-go orders, and there was a woman behind the counter. As we passed on our way out, she said, "Have a nice day!" My sister and I were in mid-conversation, but we paused long enough for me to smile quickly and say, "Thanks!" and my sister to say, "You too."

About a second after we passed, before we'd even gotten through the doors, the woman snarls out, "Or NOT!"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??

Now, it's possible she didn't hear us, or see me smile, although that would tell me she wasn't actually paying attention. But even if we hadn't acknowledged her existence, that doesn't excuse that kind of blatantly rude behavior.

I couldn't quite believe what I'd heard, but my sister heard it too, and no one else was near the door, so it was clearly directed at us. My immediate response was to stop and lean back in the door to snap, "I said THANKS!"

She's lucky I didn't go back in and speak to the manager. I should have. I may yet call about it. I mean, we were very happy with the place, and then she goes and leaves us with a bitter aftertaste.

Really. How stupid do you have to be to pull that kind of crap?
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