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Damn website memberships!

For whatever reason, I have not been noticing a monthly $24.95 charge on my credit card since June. I notice it today and instantly call my bank, they recommend my calling the company charging me (epoch.com which is some third-party billing company) and see about them voluntarily stopping the charges while they open a dispute in the meantime.

I call them and inquire as to who is charging me monthly and they give me a website address and I'm instantly pissed off.

I signed up for a website, which I paid for one month and instantly cancelled my membership after the month was over. I've even receive numerous "come back to us!" emails from them. They have continued to charge me over the past 7 months... I haven't visited the website since I cancelled it!

I'm at work right now so I'm unable to take care of calling the website bill support or check my email for a possible kept receipt/message from when I cancelled my membership.


Update: I sent the billing company an email telling them I had cancelled my subscription and demand a refund (trying to be as assertive as one can be in an email without sounding like a dick), and they responded with:

As per your previous request, your membership had already been cancelled,
No future charges had occurred. You are welcome to come back and re-join
the website at anytime.

To make sure I'm reading this correctly, as the way it's phrased, they're denying they charged me after I'd cancelled my membership?? Of course now, I'll be making a phone call!

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