bait in the wolf trap (petitfour) wrote in bad_service,
bait in the wolf trap

I am having the worst fucking time ever dealing with Apple and the Apple store. The story is as follows:

- computer goes boom
- take it to the apple store
- store techs can't reproduce the issue
- store sends it off to repair
- apple repairs it, and it ended up needing a lot of major components replaced
- kate gets it back from repair
- computer goes boom and gets WORSE
- kate calls applecare because this is what she paid the extra warranty cost for dammit
- tech support guy tries to insist this is a different problem even though all original issues came back plus more
- after it is clear that this is making me very angry, tech support guy says "Ican'tdoanythingelsetakeittotheapplestorehaveanicedaybye" and hangs up on me
- take it back to the apple store
- store insists on keeping it this time and say they will call
- they don't call back of course
- kate calls, they say there are only two geniuses in the store and one will call back
- no one calls back for another day
- kate calls again, they say they can't reproduce the issue
- store techs insist that they reset things and it's okay to take home
- kate asks them to remember how they couldn't reproduce the problem the first time and that it ended up needing three new parts
- store tech considers this and says they will call back
- kate highly doubts this will happen

I'm calling at the end of the business day today or early tomorrow because I am IRATE. I know no one will call me back and I don't even have a fucking repair number to keep track of. This Friday when I get back to Texas and go back in to the store I'm going to demand that I have it back so that I can have it sent off for another repair myself. Nevermind the fact that I have extended warranty coverage and have already had to spend three weeks without a working computer that I need for everything.

I don't care how long a company keeps my computer so long as they are actually fixing it, but all of this discourteous behavior and dragging of feet in the meantime just makes me so angry I could scream. I'm usually sweet as whatever to tech support people because I know they have dumb people bitching at them all day long, but as soon as I get my computer back I'm asking to speak to the manager to inform them that this experience will ensure that I will never make an appointment at a genius bar to deal with a computer issue ever again.

And if Apple "fixes" it again and it explodes again I'm going to lose my damned mind.
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