Jen Ever (foofish) wrote in bad_service,
Jen Ever

theme post: Lowe's

I just remembered my Lowe's annoyance.

I needed paint, and we were in the area, so we stopped at the new Lowe's across town. I know nothing about paint aside from saying "pretty color!" and handing the clerk a paint chip. The woman was a genius, and acted as a consultant, telling me that since I was painting over shitty Ralph Lauren silver paint, that I should use x primer, and explained which finish is for what use, etc etc. We only got one gallon, cause we weren't expecting to need two coats.

Fast forward a day, dad and I reach the end of the gallon and head over to the other Lowe's in the area. To say the paint guy (who we later confirmed was the manager of paint) was useless would be an understatement. We waited for five minutes for him to attend to us *after* a nearby associate went over to tell him we were waiting. He was standing there, talking with another employee, laughing and flirting and such. He walked over and grumbled something to us, and I handed him my paint chip and asked for a gallon. He asked what finish we wanted, and my mind went blank. I asked him the differences between satin and high-gloss, thinking that his description would jog my memory, because I knew it was one of the two. He just said "over there" and pointed to a sign with examples of what each was, giving no description of what each one *did*. I figured out it was satin, and walked back over, where he stood for another few minutes facing the other way at the counter without acknowledging us. I said "excuse me?" and was ignored.

I gave up and decided to grab lunch before coming back. The next guy I dealt with, a mere underling, was so outrageously helpful, complimented my color choice (cornflower blue FTW) and treated us like humans.

Boo old guy paint manager. Yay everyone else.
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