Eva Whitley (wouldyoueva) wrote in bad_service,
Eva Whitley

We go into Lowe's to get one copy made of 4 different keys (car, car, house, mailbox). We wait 5 minutes for someone to show up to make keys.

Finally an employee shows up. He picks up one key out of the 4 and says "We don't have any regular house key blanks. If you want to pay extra, pick out one of the specialty key blanks."  But the other 3 keys I want copied are still on the desk. So I go look for a specialty key blank (if I'm paying $2 more, I'm getting something I like) when he starts to make a key for a couple THAT JUST WALKED UP.

Very sullen when I objected on the grounds that first come, first served. Said, "Well, you were still shopping for a key blank." Hello, I would have been done after you made my 3 other keys AND it's not like it was my idea to buy a specialty key. I'm not in charge of ordering Quick-set key blanks for Lowe's. I didn't even insist you make the house key first!

Not a peep from the people whose key was being made. I like to think I would have been gracious about jumping ahead of another customer.

So we walked out without getting keys made. We had originally gone out to Ace Hardware to get them made, but they closed 2 hours early for their holiday party, as we found out when we drove up to the parking lot. Hey, that's cool, the cheapskates I work for didn't  throw us a holiday party let alone even send us a card, but I'm glad they get one.

I'll go back there and get my keys made tomorrow. After my Lowe's card is paid off, I'm scissoring it and mailing it back to them with a copy of this. Let them go get another customer to replace me. They can use the money they saved on employee training.
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