little miss sunshine (to_the_start) wrote in bad_service,
little miss sunshine

Today, I finally broke down and decided to get an Ipod. I went into Radioshack, picked one out, and decided to use my American Express gift cards to help cover the cost. One was for $100, and the other, $25 - the cashier accidently entered one of them as cash and had to void the payment. Problem is, because of it, she said the money could not be refunded for another 48 hours. Great. I really didn't feel like shelling out $265 on my debit card so she said she could call corporate and get it fixed right away. I stood there for about 45 minutes while she was on the phone with them arguing about getting the money refunded. Corporate refused to give her the merchant number for some reason unknown to me, but she finally got a hold of somebody who did. In that 45 minutes, the line for customers needing help was growing and I felt like a total jackass and I was completely frustrated for something that wasn't even my fault. I understand people make mistakes but if she was more careful it never would have happened. For added fun, some guy walked in, went behind the counter, and said (loud enough for all to hear) "Wait, it's just ya'll two running the store? You can't do this yourself!" as he sipped on an energy drink. I'll never go back there again.
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