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I just want the damn christmas present!

My sister-in-law is both a huge cleveland browns fan, and an avid wine drinker. Imagine my happiness when I found cleveland brown wine glasses for sale on-line. It seemed to be reputable (an on-line branch of a brick n mortar store). Bought two, paid for through paypal, and sat back and waited for the package to arrive.

And waited. And waited.

This was December 10th. Christmas came (we left town to be with my parents), and I was sure the package would be waiting when we got home. It wasn't. Checked the account, yes, the money came out.

I fill out the on-line email support, and waited. And waited. There's a trend apparently. Nothing came of it, so I looked up the number and called the store (out on the west coast). Where I talk to a "very helpful" man, we'll call S.

Me: explains situation, would like an update as to where my wine glasses are, and worried that something went wrong with shipping.
S: Well, which website did you order them through?
me: Um, yours?
S: No, which one?
Me: *totally confused, how many websites does one store have?* Well, the address was
S: Oh, there's your problem. We're now through Amazon, and we don't run that website anymore.
Me: So does that mean that you don't have my order? I paid through paypal.
S: Well, I can see your order here. I'll have to call the other store and see if they have any. Otherwise, would you like your money back?, yeah.

So while he was nice on the phone, the whole situation has me flabbergasted. If you're not taking orders from the 'old' site, don't you think you'd, I don't know, take it down? Why leave it up just to confuse (and steal money from) sports fans?

He still hasn't called back, nor has any money been refunded (This was thursday). I'm still hoping they have them in stock, because it really is the perfect gift, and i can't find them anywhere else...
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