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Can you believe my luck?

Okay I have NEVER posted in here until the McDonalds thing that happened last week. Then comes this week and I swear to the stars the idiots must be multiplying.

I will put this story behind a cut because it is so long.

Yesterday started off like HECK! You can insert the other word there. Actually it started on Wednesday when we found out that basically the whole rear brake system was gone in the car. So Philly told them to call the warranty department. Well they called back three hours later and said they needed to talk to Philly. Philly gives them a call and they tell him they are not going to cover anything. Well that evening he talks to some Matt guy that tells him to call back Thursday morning to talk to the Supervisor. That would be this dumb ass named Norm. Well the idiot tells him that it is a pre-existing condition and will not be covered by the warranty. He refuses to call and talk to the shop. In fact got nasty about it, and so Philly calls me and tells me they aren’t going to cover anything.

So I am a little pissed and so he says something like "Carlos says I should I have you call". So of course I got the number and everything.

I call, ask for a supervisor. They transfer me through to Mr. Nasty. I ask him "So exactly what the heck is your warranty going to cover" He says "Ma'am I have already explained to your husband that it is a pre-existing condition" To which I reply "no kidding, it is a 1996 car. EVERYTHING on that car is going to be a pre-existing condition. You all knew it was a 1996 car when we brought the warranty." He keeps saying over and over that it was a pre-existing condition to which I kept saying "yeah and? It is a 1996 car EVERYTHING on that car is going to be pre-existing if something go wrong with it" By now I am pissed off. We are almost literally in a shouting match. He gets all snotty and says "well I would suggest you cancel your plan with us because you are not going to be satisfied with our surface" To which I replied again "No really, I want to know what the hell you are going to cover on a 1996 car which you KNEW was a 1996 car when we brought the damn warranty in the first place." By now he is being quite rude and nasty, so I am having to get nasty back. Then I say "You know what, I have no problems canceling the warranty and contacting the better business bureau because you issued and offered a warranty for a 1996 car and now you are saying basically that if anything goes wrong with the car you all are going to say it is pre-existing." Well he mmms and haws at that and I hung up on him. Using cell phones kinda kills the joy of slamming the phone down on someone.

Anyway. SO I call Philly and tell him to cancel it. Then I remember something. This whole thing just still is not sitting right with me. So I call Philly back, tell him not to cancel it, and that I am going to call them back.

So I call back and ask to speak to Norm's Supervisor. To which this b.tch Donna says "Norm is the supervisor ." To which I say "No I want to speak to someone ABOVE Norm." This idiot is going to think I am stupid and say " there isn’t someone above Norm I can put you through to him." The idiot puts me on hold. Then comes back and makes up some excuse that Norm is on the other line so she can take a message. I tell her "no thank you, I will either wait, or she can give me the name of his supervisor." She is going to keep telling me that there is no one above Norm. To this I say " Look Lady, you are not talking to an idiot, unless Norm owns the damn company, he has a boss. I want his boss's name. NOW!" She says "I'll take a message for Norm or I am hanging up." OHHHH I am hot at this point and say "I want the name of the supervisor NOW" CLICK. The idiot hangs up on me.

Now granted. with normal people, it probably would have worked. However, she didn’t realize how high she pushed my temper/bloodpressure/you name it up. I call back. THE BITCH HANGS UP ON ME TWO OTHER TIMES!. I sit in stunned silence for a while. At this point I am thinking "Oh no she Fing DIDNT!"

So I call back again!!!! Get this nice woman named Lisa on the phone. She asks what is going on. By now I am literally wanting to rip someone's head off. So I explain to her that I wanted to speak to Norm's supervisor and that I wanted to know what exactly they were going to ever cover. That I had been yelled at, hung up on, you name it. Now this lady was very nice. She said "hmm none of that sounds right. You know let me put you through with one of our other supervisors." I said "There are more then one?" She says " Oh yes, we have three. Norm, Mark, and .... I think the third guy was Dave or John or something."

So she puts me through to Mark. He answers the phone and I hit him with "What exactly are you ever going to cover on our car?" He says "well anything that is mechanical that fails." I say okay then proceed to tell him the whole story.

He looks up on the computer and says "well it looks like they want to do a refurbish (sp?) job." I tell him that Monroe told us that parts in the brake system had failed and they needed to be replaced. So we talked about it for a while and he explained how the warranty company works. He says basically that the biggest issue is that with some of those stores they will tell you that you have to have a whole brake job, when you really don’t need one. In other words, they have you pay for a refurbished brake job, when your brake system was functional to begin with. It might be GOING bad, but it hasn’t failed. So he suggest that we have it taken to another shop and have them look at it. Then have them call them and they will see what they can do.

So I call Philly, but after he calls Monroe, he finds out that they are basically done. So I call Monroe and talk to Kenny that always works on our car. He explains to me that the mechanical pieces of the brake system have failed. They are totally bad. Basically he said that with as much business as we give them by always coming back and letting them work on the car and all that. He said that if those brakes had been bad before, they would have told us before. I believed him. I mean Monroe has ALWAYS been VERY good to us. So I ask Kenny if he would mind talking to them again. He says "No problem" and that he had tried to explain to some Matt guy before that it was not a refurbish job, that it was not a recommended repair. There are no rear brakes at all.

So while I am on the phone with Kenny, Mark beeps in. I hang up on Kenny (after saying bye and thanks of course) and tell Mark what Kenny said. SO Mark says "You know what? Do you have the number for the repair shop and the name of the guy that worked on the car?" I tell him of course and give him the info.

Well I call Kenny and tell him they are going to call, then call Route 66 back and tell them that Kenny is waiting for his call. Well Kenny or Glenn then calls Philly and tells them that Route 66 is going to pay 500 something and that we only had to pay the difference (200 and something. since the total was $783)


All I have to say is, just imagine that I had taken the first morons answer and had just left it alone. NOPE! Not me. Sure I got yelled at, hung up on, cussed at, but I kept at it.

Of course I have had a headache ever since.

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