Kisara (kisarax) wrote in bad_service,

omg you had to work!

The other day, I went to Wendy's with my family.

We usually go to the same Wendy's all the time because they usually don't give us problems. This time they did.

We ordered two combo's/small chili/fry/frosty

The two combo's would come with drinks.... well the order person only did one. We had to demand for the other drink, cause the order person was like "oh yeah, you get another drink!"

We go up to pay, no one's at the first window... we wait a few minutes. Drive up ahead, maybe they were at second window? Then the order guy came popping to the first window screaming at us like what the hell are you doing. So... me and my mom are looking at each other like wtf. Complaint line~ Pay we do, then drive to the second window to get food.

Okay, the lady gives us our sodas/frosty. Well one soda is completely wrong, it was a medium sized coke when we ordered two SMALL sprites. The guy made one of the combo's a medium when we did not ask him. (We got charged, and no we didn't get any sort of conformation of our order either from the drive thru window/from order taker) so the lady disappears for a minute. When the lady re-appeared we got her to fix the drinks, and since we were charged already for the medium we kept it. (Gave it to my piggy of a brother) Then she gives us our food. We ask for the chili sauce/crackers, she stuffs them in the bag. We look at the bag to make sure everything is in there, none the less. Its not. We have one combo, chili sauce and crackers. So we tell the lady this and she argues we didn't order all of that. So we give her our receipt and she STILL argues we didn't order the chili. I'm just thinking, why the hell would we ask for chili sauce and crackers then? The chili sauce on anything else then their chili tastes like shit. So of course, manager person comes by and asks whats wrong and we tell her. Manager gives us this well fuck you too people kinda look. So we did eventually get all of our food, but it was bad time getting it.

We're just waiting for a call back from their complaint line.

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