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Weird and a little rude

Just got back from lunch with my coworkers. They paid cash, I put in $8 on my credit card. Well, I guess there was a problem because the waiter comes back and tosses my card at me, "Declined!" So I gave him another card.

I just got off the phone with the credit card company and everything is fine with my card and it shouldn't have been declined-- and they did check and there is no pending charges ($8 or otherwise) so it doesn't seem like I paid twice or anything.

Is there anything else I should look out for? Does this seem like anything sketchy to you guys? (Or just a mistake).

Other than that, he was a good waiter and we tipped him decently. I wasn't embarrassed or inconvienced but it could have been very embarrassing for someone to have a card declined - esp. in front of peers-- he could have handled it with more decorum.

Also, it wasn't even declined, according to the credit card company. Maybe it didn't swipe (sometimes it doesn't swipe so well) and he just decided that meant it was "declined". Who knows.
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