Missy (auraesque) wrote in bad_service,

Arby's Suck

Not a huge suck, but annoying and obnoxious.

Dad and I went to Arby's to pick up a quick dinner. The Arby's in question had at least five workers, two of which were very busy with the drive-thru, and the rest were in the kitchen. The restaurant is empty, and there are two or three cars in the drive-thru. We go in, place our order.

Everything was fine up until now. I saw that there were no Arby's sauces in the bag, and I love me my Arby's sauce. I walk up to the counter. I see that the manager and counter girl are busy with drive thru peoples, and I can't see the kitchen staff. We're not in a rush, so I smile at the counter girl to get her attention and wait. And wait.

I say excuse me. I wait some more. Counter girl completely ignores me, continues putting her fries in the frier, looking at me and returning to her task. Fine.

I say excuse me again, hoping to get someone's attention--anyone in the kitchen. Counter girl looks at me and gives me the "One minute!" finger with the nastiest look on her face. She slams down the french fry basket and marches over to the sauce bin, pulling out two large handfuls of sauce and shoving them in the bag.

I understand you are busy with your drive thru, I understand you are timed, but there were several people on staff who could have acknowledged me and found out what I wanted--for all you knew you forgot something or there was a mistake with the order. It would be one thing if I was being a bitch, but I was polite and cheerful (after all, curly fries=happy). Furthermore, shoving two huge handfuls of sauce in my bag was uncalled for and obnoxious.
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