Score one for liquor and poor judgment (photogfrog) wrote in bad_service,
Score one for liquor and poor judgment


I hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

I sent 2 boxes, Speedpost, from Hong Kong to Brisbane on the 21/12. They SHOULD have got there between the 24th and 28th. Yes, I know that Xmas means post office hours are reduced, so I was expecting it on the 27th or 28th, the 2 working days that week. Speedpost guarantees delivery within 2 business days of leaving Hong Kong.

One box is lost. Aus Post online tracking says "An attempt to deliver your item was made by the Messenger Post QLD delivery service at 14:23 on 24 Dec 2007. Addressee has relocated."

Really? No. We were home all day. Relocated? I know that the writing is legible and easy to read and written in more than one place. The phone number is also on there. They did nothing.

The other box apparently came on the 27th. No card left (thought they claim they did), no knock at the door. Again, we were home all day.

When I call them on the 31st, the day before I leave, of course, that is somehow a holiday for them as well, so the depot closest to us, where the boxes should be, is closed. I don't begrudge them having Xmas holidays, but for most post offices, the 31st day time is still a working day.

Over $2000 HKD spent for speedy service and 2 weeks later, I still am without my boxes or any information as to where they could be. I hate AusPost.

I hate AusPost.
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